My New Homelab!

I finally have a new home lab server! Getting a new lab server was so long overdue. I'm so happy it is here so I can start BLOGGING again. I've missed it over the past few months since joining VMware last May. I've been super busy with onboarding and getting acclimated with my customers that … Continue reading My New Homelab!


Deploy VCSA 6.7 onto new vSAN 6.7 Cluster

In this quick step-by-step "how to" blog post I am going to demonstrate how fast and easy it is to set up the vCenter Server Appliance (vCenter w/ Embedded PSC) onto a new vSAN host. Once the appliance is deployed the vSAN configuration for the remaining hosts will be added to my cluster. You may … Continue reading Deploy VCSA 6.7 onto new vSAN 6.7 Cluster