VMware Cloud on AWS

vmware-and-amazon-web-services-extending-vmware-into-aws-1Game Changer announcement today at VMworld that revolves around the partnership between VMware and Amazon Web Services that stems from their announcement a year ago. Influenced by a customer-driven strategy, VMware and AWS has now delivered on that promise with four major offerings…

  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • VMware Cloud Services (SaaS-based management and operational services)
  • AppDefense & New Security Paradigms
  • Datacenter Modernization & SDDC

VMware Cloud on AWS will provide customers the ability to deploy a brand-new infrastructure in the Amazon datacenter very quickly, within hours. One of the many cool features I like about this is the new Elastic Distributed Resource Scheduler (eDRS). What is it and how will it benefit you? Well it simplifies your capacity and scaling needs. No more anxiety over physical capacity for your virtual workloads. It is 100% elastic! You set a “capacity threshold” for your environment and when your capacity passes that barrier a new vSphere host will be dynamically added. Same thing applies when your workload capacity requirements are reduced, eDRS can dynamically remove a host.

Other “core” areas for the new cloud strategy:

  • Datacenter Extension & Consolidation
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Control of Intellectual Property (IP)

No need to extend your skillset with this new offering. It provides a seamless operational user experience between the current vSphere environment and AWS. Just continue using vCenter Server as you have been doing and BOOM…Game Changer!

What will serve as the foundation for this offering? Answer: VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF). This is the SDDC platform that incorporates VMware vSphere, NSX and vSAN; all centrally managed by vCenter Server. No new operating model, hardware or amendments to any applications. Continue managing everything the same way you have been with vSphere. Don’t have to learn anything new.

VMware NSX Cloud will simplify security & network processes. Everything within your network and security settings, policies, firewall rules are all centrally managed. Major reduction in management overhead. This is accomplished across multiple providers and multiple clouds = game changer out there for anyone out there with a cloud initiative. People who have avoided the cloud all-together may now rethink and change their opinions about using the public cloud.

Other Cloud Services available will include…

VMware Cost Insight to help customers paint a clearer picture of the costs associated with running their workloads within single or multiple clouds (or data centers).

VMware Discovery will enable customers IT teams to do two things.

  1. Discover and inventory workloads in the public cloud(s).
  2. Logically group workloads together based on function such as a business unit or application.

VMware Network Insight will be very attractive to network administrators everywhere. This service offering will provide complete visibility into the network and identify traffic flows. This will assist planning and troubleshooting tasks for network admins.

AppDefense is VMware’s new security model that customers can use to secure their apps running within their on-premises virtual environment or in the cloud. It is designed to detect and automate responses when an attack is taking place. 

Manipulation of mission critical data outside the realm of normal sounds to me like this solution might be the first solution out there to help “prevent” Ransomware attacks. Most of what you see and read out there now that’s being used to thwart these new types of attacks are in reality allowing customers to quickly recover from Ransomware by having a solid backup solution, utilize secondary storage and/or leverage SDN solutions like NSX to minimize the spread from VM-to-VM. Nothing actually prevented Ransomware…until now.

There will also be additional 3rd party integration. Palo Alto Networks also announced their next-gen security platform that will continue to integrate with NSX and specifically VMware Cloud on AWS.
This new “intent based” security model is designed to focus on what the applications should be doing (aka – the known good) and essentially detects an anomaly from an attack (aka – the known bad). Combine this new security model with the native micro-segmentation of NSX and customers are now better positioned to protect their environments from these next-gen threats.

Initial partners for AppDefense include RSA, IBM Security, Puppet, Carbon Black and SecureWorks.

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