NSX 6.3 Upgrade Procedure

The long awaited release of NSX 6.3 is finally here! Ever since vSphere 6.5 was released I think we all have been "clamoring patiently" for a compatible version of NSX. In addition there are numerous enhancements that I am excited to get my hands on. Some of these new features include... Automation Application Continuity ROBO … Continue reading NSX 6.3 Upgrade Procedure

All-Flash VSAN 6.5 on Nested ESXi

I am really excited about VSAN 6.5 and what it brings to the table and like some of you out there we all want to get our hands on it. So I decided to build a VSAN 6.5 cluster running on nested ESXi. Nested ESXi is not supported by VMware so make sure you are … Continue reading All-Flash VSAN 6.5 on Nested ESXi