Upgrade to vCenter 7.0 and Decommission External PSC

Finally back to writing some VMware blog articles after a brief hiatus here. Took a long break during the holiday season and then I had a life changing event when I switched jobs. Needless to say but I had a lot going on. Onward and upward 2021! For my first blog post of 2021, I … Continue reading Upgrade to vCenter 7.0 and Decommission External PSC


Upgrade vCenter 6.5 to vCenter 7.0 with GUI

There are some organizations out there that didn't make the jump to vSphere 6.7 and are running vSphere 6.5. This blog article is intended for that specific audience. There are going to be a lot of great articles out there for upgrading 6.7 to 7.0 so keep an eye out for those. I felt the … Continue reading Upgrade vCenter 6.5 to vCenter 7.0 with GUI

VMCA 6.5 with Embedded PSC as an Intermediate CA

One of my most popular blog articles is the configuration of VMCA 6.5 as an Intermediate CA but the article is specific to environment's with an External Platform Services Controller (PSC) and configuring it prior to deploying the VCSA for vCenter Server. I have received a lot of great feedback from this article and numerous … Continue reading VMCA 6.5 with Embedded PSC as an Intermediate CA

Upgrading to NSX 6.4

I've been looking forward to the next release of NSX for some time now and very excited that it is finally here. Some great new features and enhancements in the 6.4 release. What are some of the things I'm excited about? I will probably say the the Distributed Firewall (DFW) enhancements which enables admins to … Continue reading Upgrading to NSX 6.4

Deploying vSphere Integrated Containers

In this blog article I will walk you through the deployment for vSphere Integrated Containers (VIC) into a vSphere 6.5 environment. This environment is a nested sandbox environment that I use regularly. You should certainly be an experienced vSphere administrator before attempting this and if you already have knowledge of any container technology or Docker … Continue reading Deploying vSphere Integrated Containers

Configure vCenter HA using the NSX Load Balancer

A couple months ago I posted a 5-part series for configuring and enabling vCenter HA using an external PSC and load balancer. Very effective solution for anyone looking to enhance vCenter availability in their environment. What about those customers who are taking advantage of VMware NSX and want to utilize the NSX load balancer for … Continue reading Configure vCenter HA using the NSX Load Balancer

Upgrading ESXi & VSAN 6.5

So I have upgraded most of my environment to the latest and greatest and now it is time to upgrade the final pieces....ESXi & VSAN. All of my ESXi hosts are running ESX 6.0 U2 and need to be upgraded in order to take advantage of the latest vSphere 6.5 features. In my previous post … Continue reading Upgrading ESXi & VSAN 6.5

Upgrade to vCenter 6.5

I have been looking forward to doing this for some time now. I could not perform this upgrade because my INITECH lab environment was running NSX 6.2.4 which is not compatible with vSphere 6.5...but I upgraded to NSX 6.3 in my previous blog article. I am very happy how that upgrade turned out. So the … Continue reading Upgrade to vCenter 6.5

VMCA 6.5 as an Intermediate CA

Certificates have always been an interesting topic to me. I have seen complex PKI infrastructures on several occasions but more often than not most environments have utilized certificates in a limited capacity. In regards to vSphere, a majority of the time the default certificates provided by vSphere were sufficient for most deployments. Security is certainly … Continue reading VMCA 6.5 as an Intermediate CA

All-Flash VSAN 6.5 on Nested ESXi

I am really excited about VSAN 6.5 and what it brings to the table and like some of you out there we all want to get our hands on it. So I decided to build a VSAN 6.5 cluster running on nested ESXi. Nested ESXi is not supported by VMware so make sure you are … Continue reading All-Flash VSAN 6.5 on Nested ESXi