Designing for VSAN & NSX Integration

I have come across a few instances recently where a couple customers want to take advantage of VMware VSAN and NSX together. One of them already had VSAN running in their environment and now want to take advantage of NSX. The second is literally doing a complete server/storage refresh and want a brand new deployment … Continue reading Designing for VSAN & NSX Integration


Upgrading ESXi & VSAN 6.5

So I have upgraded most of my environment to the latest and greatest and now it is time to upgrade the final pieces....ESXi & VSAN. All of my ESXi hosts are running ESX 6.0 U2 and need to be upgraded in order to take advantage of the latest vSphere 6.5 features. In my previous post … Continue reading Upgrading ESXi & VSAN 6.5

Managing VSAN 6.5 with the Ruby vSphere Console (RVC)

Many of you have either heard of or actually used the Ruby vSphere Console (RVC) for administering VSAN. The commands 'esxcli' and 'vdq' are very useful for managing or troubleshooting VSAN directly on an ESXi host. RVC is accessed on the vCenter Server. If you are using the VCSA (appliance-based) version of vCenter you simply … Continue reading Managing VSAN 6.5 with the Ruby vSphere Console (RVC)