Using Packet Capture in NSX 6.4

The newly integrated Packet Capture tool in NSX 6.4 is very useful. I wrote three blog articles about year ago on how to perform packet captures from an ESXi host using the native 'pktcap-uw' command. Those tools still exist for you to use but this new tool is now available in the vSphere Web Client … Continue reading Using Packet Capture in NSX 6.4


NSX DLR Packet Walk

Here it is as promised from the conclusion of my NSX Logical Switch Packet Walk blog article. In Part 2 of what I am calling my "NSX Packet Walk Series" we will be reviewing the step-by-step procedure of capturing packets through a Distributed Logical Router (DLR). We will initiate a continuous PING between a few … Continue reading NSX DLR Packet Walk

NSX Logical Switch Packet Walk

I have had nothing but fun working with NSX over the past few years. I love everything about it from design, deployment to managing it. Such a fantastic solution that brings a LOT to the table including deploying logical networks in just a few clicks to enhanced security thanks to microsegmentation. This post is for … Continue reading NSX Logical Switch Packet Walk