Understanding NSX-T Components

Before I get into Part 2 of my Installing NSX-T mini blog series, let's review some NSX-T components. There are some differences between NSX-T and NSX-V that everyone should be aware of. This blog article is not intended to do a full side-by-side comparison between the two but I will point out some differences or … Continue reading Understanding NSX-T Components

Mishandling of Resource Pools

Resource Pools have been part of VMware vSphere and Virtual Infrastructure for as long as I can imagine. The same can be said regarding the mishandling of Resource Pools and that is most likely because they are frequently misunderstood. More often than not I see Resource Pools being used to categorize or organize VM workloads … Continue reading Mishandling of Resource Pools

Installing NSX-T 2.4 (Part 1) – NSX Manager

VMware NSX has been a driving force for many customers on their network transformation journey over the past few years. Enabling our customers to use a more programmatic approach to the network has put them in a position to no only respond to demand quickly but operate these software-based networks more efficiently. The evolution of … Continue reading Installing NSX-T 2.4 (Part 1) – NSX Manager

vSphere 6.7 Cluster Quickstart

Cluster Quickstart was a new feature that came available back in October 2018 when vSphere 6.7 U1 was released. I really like this new feature because it is very simple to use and if used properly it can really speed up your cluster deployment and configuration. This blog article is short and sweet and to … Continue reading vSphere 6.7 Cluster Quickstart

Upgrading a Basic vCenter 6.5 HA Cluster to vCenter HA 6.7 U1

VMware vCenter HA (VCHA) was a feature first introduced in vSphere 6.5 back in late 2016. There is two deployment methods available when enabling this feature...Basic deployment or an Advanced deployment. The Basic deployment method is the easiest of the two. The procedure did everything for you including... Added 2nd NIC to the vCenter VM.Cloned … Continue reading Upgrading a Basic vCenter 6.5 HA Cluster to vCenter HA 6.7 U1

My New Homelab!

I finally have a new home lab server! Getting a new lab server was so long overdue. I'm so happy it is here so I can start BLOGGING again. I've missed it over the past few months since joining VMware last May. I've been super busy with onboarding and getting acclimated with my customers that … Continue reading My New Homelab!

I am Joining VMware

I have been holding this news in for 2 weeks now and it is finally time to let everyone know that I am headed to the mothership and joining VMware! My first day will be May 21st, 2018 and I cannot wait to get started. I will not lie, it is a bittersweet feeling. Walking … Continue reading I am Joining VMware

Upgrading vSAN 5.5 before End of General Support

In my previous blog article I focused primarily on upgrading a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) version 5.5 to 6.5. I am going to continue my 5.5 upgrade and leverage VCSA 6.5 to perform an upgrade of my 5.5 hosts and vSAN cluster. This is essentially Part 2 of that article. I am going to demonstrate … Continue reading Upgrading vSAN 5.5 before End of General Support

VMCA 6.5 with Embedded PSC as an Intermediate CA

One of my most popular blog articles is the configuration of VMCA 6.5 as an Intermediate CA but the article is specific to environment's with an External Platform Services Controller (PSC) and configuring it prior to deploying the VCSA for vCenter Server. I have received a lot of great feedback from this article and numerous … Continue reading VMCA 6.5 with Embedded PSC as an Intermediate CA

Deploy VCSA 6.7 onto new vSAN 6.7 Cluster

In this quick step-by-step "how to" blog post I am going to demonstrate how fast and easy it is to set up the vCenter Server Appliance (vCenter w/ Embedded PSC) onto a new vSAN host. Once the appliance is deployed the vSAN configuration for the remaining hosts will be added to my cluster. You may … Continue reading Deploy VCSA 6.7 onto new vSAN 6.7 Cluster